This website documents the architecture projects that I have designed during my undergraduate and graduate career. It also showcases the photographs that I have taken from my various travels over the years.

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Photography is a hobby that has become a tool in understanding urban space and its complexity as it is the meeting place of the man-made and the human experience. As designers, we cannot force a space to be used the way it was envisioned on drawing board. It is the citizens, the urban nomads that define how a space is utilized, so capturing the space and understanding its context is important to understand its success or its failure. Ultimately, it is through these studies that designers can the understand genius loci and design a space or create a place that will serve the community and not harm it.

Photography captures a single moment in time. It is in this split second that there is no regard for the past or future, only the present eliciting the emotions and expressions of the time. My style of photography often focuses on urban elements and its relation to the human experience. Capturing the underappreciated elements of the city, from the crosswalk button to the subways that are the arteries of the city, the graffiti, the leftover spaces such as alleyways and underneath overpasses, shedding light on them with the hope of bringing new appreciation to their functions and to raise questions about how to better utilize these spaces. However, you cannot explore these places without human interaction. While it is sometimes helpful to capture a space devoid of people, people give space life in urban spaces. Cities were built for people, so they should be show case its relationship between the built environment and the people that occupy them.

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Showcased in this section are various projects that I have worked on during my Undergraduate and Graduate career. I received my Bachelor of  Science in Architecture from the University of Virginia in 2013 and I am currently working towards my Master of Architecture and Master of Urban Design from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte with a completion date in the Spring of 2019. The projects range in scale from a small, operable trailer to a new development in the suburbs of Dallas.

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