Small + Mobile + Operable

Location: Richmond, VA

The ability to showcase items that a person makes is key to the success of a business. Being small, mobile, and operable allows for shop to be set up in a quick, efficient, and timely manner. This mobile trailer is for an architectural photographer to be able to shoot, produce, and display prints in any city and situation all on site. The bi-fold doors allow for interaction with customers on the street. At night when the trailer is closed, it can act as a light box or a camera obscura, promoting the photographer’s photos displayed in the windows. Inside of the trailer is a dark room that can be opened to become a personal office when not in use. The interior can also be arranged in multiple configurations depending on the use.

Rendering showing the trailers use when closed.

The point of the mobile studio was not to bring customers to the photographer, but to bring the photographer to potential customers. Locating areas around Downtown Richmond, such as historical markers where tourists are found are crucial in the success of the mobile studio. Tourists, visitors, and clientele of the historical city will enjoy the 100_2434ability to have shots produced on site. The Shockoe Bottom area is home to a large number of residences and small shops that could also be potential customers. The key to success is the ability to connect with the customer. The ability to open the bi-fold doors breaks down the barriers that would bar communication from those passing by. A simple greeting from either the photographer or passerby could lead to a potential sale because there isn’t a barrier stopping the interaction.

The Trailer is operable to allow the photographer to interact with customers from the street and allows the photographer to display their work.
Diagram of  the Photography Process


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